DTI Grafix Film

Glazing, etching and sandblasting are not always affordable. DTI Grafix Film is.

With DTI Grafix Film you are free to create your own design for the film. If you want a company logo reversed out of a window with pattern to match the foyer, you can. If you want to achieve privacy with glass partitions, give it a glass cut look without cutting any glass with DTI Grafix Film.
......Your only limitation is imagination

For affordable quality call your ABC Glass Tinting Specialists to discuss Grafix Film.

Professional, courteous, and very thorough, their work is guaranteed to last.



Complete your next project on time, on budget and on film.

With ABC Glass Tinting Specialists!

DTI Security Safety Film

Safety Films in a Class of Their Own!

DTI Security Safety Film is specially designed for application to glass and is relied upon around the world to protect lives and property.

The result of years of research, development and field testing under the most stringent conditions, DTI Security Film provides around the clock protection holding shattered glass together to prevent injuries if a window is damaged by hail, cyclone, explosion, flying debris or vandals.

Security Film - Added Protection!

Fitted to glass windows and doors, DTI Security Film provides added protection from theft, because it normally requires several hard hammer blows to break the glass and several more to produce an opening large enough to permit entry.

  • Explosion resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • High impact human safety
  • Performance under pressure
  • Eliminates up to 99% UV light transmission



The Cost Effective Solution to Graffiti, Vandalism & Wear & Tear!

DTI VandalGARD is a tough, scratch resistant, clear polymer film especially developed as a sacrificial barrier to protect a wide range of building materials such as glass, plastic, metal and marble.

Featuring a special mounting adhesive that facilitates easy removal for quick and cost-effective elimination of graffiti, VandalGARD also provides surface protection at a fraction of the cost of restoring expensive building materials.

VandalGARD - Tough & Resistant!

Put DTI VandalGARD to work protecting glass doors, elevators, transit shelters, information kiosks, outdoor advertising, bus and train windows. It's an invisible barrier between vandals and valuable property!

  • Shields surfaces for fast elimination of graffiti
  • Reduces the need for replacement of expensive media and signage
  • Acts as a protective barrier against vandal damage
  • Preserves & protects surfaces in high traffic areas




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